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:: 9.11.2006 ::

still hardta to believe they're gone. my young eyes could hardly imagine them being built, let alone coming down. after tucking this picture away forever, I pulled it back out to remember the true NY skyline and to serve as a reminder of how ugly a beautiful world can be.

my thoughts are with everyone who lost that day, be it loved ones, innocence, or trust.

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:: 4.30.2006 ::
some of you know my buddy conner, some of you don't.

now you can.

and go see the dexateens. for real.

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:: 3.25.2006 ::
I caught it! well, one at least.

saw ben & the innocent criminals back on the 8th of this month at the classic center. my roommate's friend ended up calling with two extras the night before the show, so me & adam grabbed them and went. they ripped into a fiery opening with 'better way', the title track off the new album. the room certainly wasn't the best in the world, and with the tabernacle show back in august for contrast, it seemed a little boring at times. but hearing the new shit was great and I had good company. anyway, you can click here for the setlist, some photos and a few reviews.

now let's see if I can make bonnaroo work.

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:: 3.07.2006 ::
ben harper & wilco [links on your left] are both playing in athens this week.

I have tickets to neither and they're both sold out now.

"pardon me, I dropped my ball."

in better news, I just made an excellent mixed cd of local stuff. check it:

Don Chambers - Back In The Woods - 03:21
Cigarello - Elevator Boots - 03:41
Parker & Lily - I Am A Gun - 04:58
Summer Hymns - Half Sick Of Shadows - 02:01
The Tom Collins - In The Morning - 04:27
Lona - Noontime Sleeper - 04:21
Hope For Agoldensummer - Malt Liquor - 04:26
Ham1 - Swan Dive - 02:07
Geoff Reacher - Snarling Wheels Of Sin - 04:57
Still Small Voice & The Joyful Noise - Souvenirs - 03:36
SciFu - The Future Is Folding Itself Into A Mathematical Piece Of Ass - 04:55
The Sunshine Fix - See Yourself - 03:44
Don Chambers + GOAT - Devil Bucket - 04:18
Patterson Hood - The Assassin - 03:24
Vic Chesnutt - What Do You Mean - 04:57
Cinemechanica - Brain Tarp - 03:37
Liz Durrett - The Mezzanine - 01:56
Phosphorescent - How Far We All Come Away - 04:27
The Ginger Envelope - Drift - 04:46
Don Chambers + GOAT - Goat - 04:13

sorry for the lack of links - you know howta find 'em by now.

I'm gonna go chase that ball..

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:: 2.06.2006 ::

happy birthday bob!

happy birthday to tubbs yesterday, too!

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:: 1.15.2006 ::

this is echo canyon. I think thier name comes from an old simpsons episode. gave it the google treatment and found a ton of camping shit about parks named echo canyon and a jazz flute album bearing the name. even sonic youth has a song and a self-built studio of the same name in new york.

but this is athens' own echo canyon. as you can see here, they're a three piece with upright bass, drums/percussion, and guitar represented. the players are left-to-right -- chuck bradburn [of southern bitch], jim wilson [of mother jackson & so many other bands I'd rather just stick with one] & craig lieske [of garbage island]. they look at each other and play music. they fuck with each other and laugh about it. they play something I've never heard every time I see them.

you should go hear something you've never heard.

their last show was an opening set at the 40watt for now-on-hiatus were-local-but-moved-to-kentucky-and-broke-up cigarello. it was on october 3rd of last year. maybe the next show will happen soon. when it does, you should totally go.

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:: 1.07.2006 ::
we have a fireplace. it's so nice.

whatup 2006? don't think I've even written it yet - just typed a coupla times.

come on to athens - we'll throw a log or two on!

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